Erotica – Learn the Art of Soft Erotica in a Hotel Location…


Course Type: Workshop on Erotic Photography

Duration: 2.5 hours

Date: 18th October 08:15 am

Location: airbnb near Parramatta


SOLO Erotica

Shoot with amazing Erotic Model Nina and learn the art that is getting so popular and contemporary. 

This is an private and invitation only workshop. If you have received an email, and if you can see this page, then you are eligible to book in.

What we would do?

  • Art of Tasteful Open Leg Shots, with a clear and tasteful view of Yoni (Pussy)
  • Art of Posing a Model, in the most contemporary Erotic Posing
  • Art of Sensual Shots in a Hotel Room / Airbnb setting
  • Harnessing available lights and Camera Settings for Artistic Results

This is an 18+ event and by consenting to attend you confirm that you are find artistic erotica and all parts of the body tasteful, and that you are comfortable being in a erotically and sexually charged atmosphere. (There will not be any actual sexual penetrative activity in the shoot except sensual touches and suggestive holds). The shoot is more geared towards learning and shooting, instead of enjoying a show :). No videography or continuous shooting is allowed.

See the current models gallery here.

Results from the Last workshop with Bexie

Additional information


18th Nov 2023 8:15 AM