Shadows – Life Drawing on Tuesdays with Cinematic / Artistic Lighting


Tuesdays / 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

School of Art Nudes, Petersham

3/524-532, Parramatta Road, Petersham

(Above Carpet Court, Entry from Back, Queen Street) 




Life Drawing In Petersham

Life Drawing with Cinematic / Artistic Lighting (Aspect that is ignored in other places / Private Classes / Hens Events Welcome)


Looking for unique Sydney activities? Join School Of Art Nudes in Petersham and practice drawing a live Nude model at one of our weekly workshops!

This workshop is Unique. As we are primarily a photography and filming school, we care about how light shapes art and the body’s representation of it. We make sure that our models are lighting well, and the bodies are shaped by the lighting. Not just the lights, the Shadows too… so you will have a deeper and more realistic drawing experience. 

Nudity has historically been a huge inspiration for various artists’ bodies of work. You may be a total newbie or an avid artist, this is a space for all of you to come and celebrate and unwind during a stressful work week.

This workshop is for anybody who wants to have first-hand exposure to draw a human body or you may be wanting to go deeper and explore yourself as an artist. Whatever your reason, this evening of creativity is perfect for you!

At the end of the class, take home your finished sketches. 

We provide some boards, paper and pencils etc. but we encourage you to have your own drawing kit as everybody’s preferred tools are different. 

Participants will have to adhere to venue / class rules. 

  1. Maintain a respectable distance from the models.
  2. Not try to interact with models during the session (may life drawing models are actually very reserved private people).
  3. No photography (the venue manager may take some tasteful Behind the scene photographs or videos).
  4. If you make any mess, you clean it 🙂 .
  5. Take your garbage with you. 

Participants will get

– Draw a life model under some guidance (this is a live drawing session, not a teaching class)

– Basic drawing equipment provided to you. 

– Your sketches to take home. 

Participants may bring

– BYO drinks / Decorum must be maintained. 

– Your fun side!

Additional information

Session Date

09th May 2023, 16th May 2023, 23rd May 2023, 30th May 2023