Past WTF Workshops

Themes for the past

15th July 2020 – The Atelier, The Art and The Artist – (A Conceptual Shoot with Easels, Colours, and Painter) with Sophie Fire

29th July 2020 – Semi Erotic Studio Nudes (Lighting and Posing) with Nia.

12th August 2020 – The Goddess (Styled Soft Nude Concept with an Exotic Model) with Meg-Hana

26th August 2020 – The Duo (Two Models working as one to create fine art) with Kloe & Meg-Hana

09th September 2020 – The Art of Shibari (Rope Bondage and Suspension Nudes) with Anshita, The Rope Bunny

23rd September 2020 – Women in her Bedroom (Boudoir Style Nudes) with Val

7th October 2020 – Fiery Feminity (Nude, Fire, Candles and Wax) with Sophie Fire

28th October 2020 – Studio Lighting for Fashion Nudes (Vogue Style) with Kat.

11th November 2020 – Boudoir Nudes & Posing Workshop (Dark Theme) with Alice wonder 

18th November 2020 – Body Projections Nudes (Lighting Tutorial and Shoot) with Angle

25th November 2020 – Life Drawing Style Art Nudes (Long Poses & Beautiful Lighting) with Celine

02nd December 2020 – Shibari Again (Tracing Feminine Aesthetics with Shibari Ropes) with Bethany

09th December 2020 – Low Key Monochrome Style Nudes (Let’s create that Award-winning Art Nude) with Tara

16th December 2020 – Body Scapes & Closeups (Lighting Tutorial and Shoot) with Meghana

6th January 2021 – Fashion Nudes (Lighting Tutorial and Shoot) with Sophie

13th January 2021 – Boudoir Nudes (Dark & Moody) with Alice Wonder

20th January 2021 – Art of Narrative Nudes (A Surprise concept) with Celina

27th January 2021 – Yoga Nudes (Let’s Calm out Souls) with Felicia

3rd February 2021 – Boudoir Nudes (Soft & Feminine) with Kia

10th February 2021 – My Valentine’s Day (Fun Concept with Soft Lighting) with Renee

17th February 2021 – Fitness Nudes (Strong Muscle Defining Lighting) with Courtney

24th February 2021 – Semi Erotic Nudes (A Hint of Bondage with Creative Lighting)

03rd March 2021 – Creative Lighting Nudes (Projection, Gels and Gobos)

10th March 2021 – Body Art Nudes  (Paints, Text, Message, Body as Canvas)

17th March 2021 – Art of Body Shapes with Kloe 

24th March 2021 – Calligraphy on Body (with Fashion Lighting ) with Renee

31st March 2021 – Low Key Bodyscapes (In Studio) withLisa

07th April 2021 – My Hotel Room (Shooting in an Actual Hotel Room) with Renee

14th April 2021 – Classic Renaissance Portraiture (Topless / In-Studio Set) with Lisa

21st April 2021 – The Birth of Venus (Nudes like Classic Paintings) with Anon

28th April 2021 – High Key Fashion Nudes (Get your Vogue Nudes) with Anon

05th May 2021 – Maternity Nudes ( Pregnancy Art Nudes & Lighting) with Tina

12th May 2021 – Dance & Movement Nudes

19th May 2021 – Cinematic Ambient Lighting Nudes with Dani

26th May 2021 – Helmut Newtown Attitude Nudes with Lucy Art Model

02nd June 2021 – Helmut Newtown Attitude & Movement Nudes with Kirstyn

09th June 2021 – Pinup Nudes with Tori

16th June 2021 – low Key Body Scapes again with Mary

14th July 2021 –Fashion & Nude Portraiture with Sella

21st July 2021 – Boudoir Nudes (With Dani)

27th October 2021 – Soft Light Nudes withRenee

03rd November 2021 – Life Drawing Style Nudes withPandora

10th November 2021 – Body Scapes withSella

17th November 2021 – Yoga and Dance Nudes withFelicia

24th November 2021 – Yoga and Dance Nudes withJhanvi

1st December 2021 – Shibari with Askua

8th December 2021 – Amazing Art Concept with Nemo

15th December 2021 – Beautifully Curated Glamour Concept with Ane

22nd December 2021 – Flour / Powder Dance & Art Concept with Jhanavi

12 Jan 2022 – Cinematic Lighting Nudes with Nemo

19 Jan 2022 – Fashion Nudes with Anon

9th March 2022 – Gel & Colour Lighting Nudes with Nemo

16th March 2022 – Concept Shoot 

19th March 2022 – Outdoor Nudes with Carla

23rd March 2022 – Flow-Based Nudes with Gabs

07th Sept 2022 – Raw Nudes with Anna

14th Sept 2022 – Pinup Nudes with Tori

21st Sept 2022 – Pole Dance Nudes with Rosa

28th Sept 2022 – Spot Light Nudes with Jess

5th October 2022 – Low Key & Yoga Nudeswith Anna

12th October 2022 – Alt Nudes & Body Scapes with R

19th October 2022 – Beauty Nudes with Rosa

7th Dec 2022 – Art Nude Shoot with Angel

15th Dec 2022 – Xmas Nudes with Quin

17th Dec 2022 – Window Light Nudes (Day Time) with Anna 

10th March – Studio Nudes with Maddison

24th March – Levitating Nudes with Annie 

21st April – Fine Art Nudes with Bridget

12th May – Studio Nudes with Kat

26th May – Projection with Madi

02nd June – Low key Lighting with Anna

9th June – Projection with Madi

16th June – Fine Art Nude Portraiture with Bridget

23rd June – Nude Art and Composites with Daisy

30th June – Conceptual Nudes with Fairy

06th October – Body Art Based Nude Portraiture with Bridget

08th March 2024 – High Key Nudes 

15th March 2024 – Low Key Nudes

23nd March 2024 (Afternoon Outdoor Workshop) – Natural Light Outdoors Workshop with Anna

23nd March 2024 – Creative Lighting Nudes (The workshop is happening on Saturday due to specific model availability) with Anna

29th March 2024 – No workshop due to Easter Friday

5th April 2024 – Body Projection Workshop (Nude) – Weather Cancellation

12th April 2024 – Nude Portraiture with Ale 

19th April 2024 – Creative Concept