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Who owns this website?

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Limitation of Liability

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Usage of Website and your privacy

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Products and Shop

We sell photography training and other related services.

We guarantee professionally conducted workshops as per the description, however, we do not guarantee that the workshop will be exactly as per the sample photos or the description, as creatively things may change. 

Models / Themes / Concepts

We try our best to keep the models and concepts the same as in the description or a particular workshop. However, due to circumstances out of our control i.e. model not being available, equipment malfunction, props etc. not being available, the act of God, weather, government restrictions and similar circumstances etc. it is possible that the locations, concepts, dates and models will change and we will inform you about these changes in the most practicable way possible. There will be no refund of the workshop fee unless there is an absolute cancellation of a particular workshop.

Workshop Conduct

  1. The participants agree to abide by the instructions of the instructor during the workshop. The instructor may determine, how long and how ofter a participants may shoot.
  2. All shoots are limited to Still photography only (unless a workshop was advertised as a video workshop). Shooting any video content is strictly prohibited, even for social media and stories.
  3. The instructor or organiser may however advice a participant to shoot behind the scene videos. In this the participant is liable to send the videos shot over dropbox as a downloadable link, within 3 days.

Government Restrictions

If workshop numbers fall below the viable numbers due to restrictions imposed by Government and Authorities (whether complete lockdown or not) we may postpone the workshop to another suitable date. We will be the sole judge about the viability of a workshop.

If a workshop can not happen due to any restrictions imposed by the Government or Authorities we may postpone the workshop to another suitable date.

We will give you as much notice of such change as possible, however, you agree that some times the changes may be last minute and we will not be liable for any damages or compensation/refund due to such change.

Participant’s Conduct

The participant’s in a workshop understand that they take part in these workshops in the capacity of a student/learner and they agree to adhere to all the instructions given by the workshop mentor. The instructions may be similar to (but not limited to) following:

  1. Helping in setting up a particular lighting/equipment/prop etc., if part of the setup & learning.
  2. Not using any mobile phone or similar device (except the equipment needed for shooting in the workshop) / video cameras etc.
  3. Not shooting outside the allocated time / Not shooting certain angles (as it may be outside the comfort zone of the models)
  4. Not accessing certain areas of the studio/premises that may be out of bounds.
  5. Adhering to applicable rules like social distancing, wearing masks etc.
  6. Submission of a certain number of images from a workshop for the Institute’s records.

Non-adherence to any instructions of the Mentor or conduct that becomes a health and safety hazard may result in immediate eviction of the participant from the workshop/course without any refund.

Image Releases

All behind the scenes photos and videos are copyright of the School of Art Nudes. Any video shot during the workshops or courses is copyright of the School of Art Nudes. The participants agree that only School of Art Nudes is eligible for taking a model release from the workshop models. The participants are given a limited release for the usage of the images in their web-portfolio and social media. Any magazine publication or gallery submission has to be done after permission from the School of Art Nudes.

The School of Art Nudes may at its discretion ask the participants to submit or share the processed or raw files from the workshop photoshoot.

Variation to Terms

The site may vary these Terms at any time, and by continuing to use The site you consent to any variations. The site will not notify of these variations and it is your responsibility to regularly check these Terms for any variations.

Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales in Australia, and any dispute in relation to these Terms or your access or use of The site will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales.


If any of these Terms are unenforceable or held to be invalid, the offending provision/s will be removed from these Terms and the amended Terms will remain in force.

Any failure by The site to act or enforce these Terms immediately will not be considered a waiver of The site’ right to take any such action.