Work With Us

We are always looking for models.

Please send us your information with your portfolio as an attachment to “”

Your portfolio should show your range of style and previous work. It should contain some artistic nudes too. If you have not done art nudes before but are willing to trying out the genre, we would be happy to do a test shoot with you.

We usually prefer hiring models that we have tested/cast/worked with before, to avoid last-minute surprises, unless you are very experienced international travelling model.

Model FAQs

Is there a model release/contract?

We have our well structured, well written, and a very balanced model release that you will need to sign. Please email us for a copy.

What are the workshops for?

The workshops could be for photographers to test skills, learn new techniques, shoot new concepts, and for adding new work to their portfolios.

How many models and photographers per workshop?

This may vary depending up, if it’s a “show and tell” workshop or if it involved an active shoot. In a “show and tell” workshop it does not matter as only the mentor works with the model. In a shooting workshop, the usual number of participants could be 6 to 10.

How long have we been operating?

We are part of the International Institute of Art & Photography which has been operational for the last 4 years. The school of art nudes was separated as a standalone school for art nudes in January 2020. Yes, some thing good happened this year too.

How do I know which models have worked with the school before?

Please see our “Model’s Galleries”.

How much do you pay?

The rates are discussed with each model individually, depending upon how much input we have put training them, their modeling level and type of work, etc.